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A Triangle in Palmistry, what's it mean?! Find out.

Editorial Comment: The article below gives several tips on how you can find a few different lines and what they mean in palmistry. These tips may not be enough for you though. You may want to find out more about what may be in store for you in the future. The method HERE goes much more in depth about certain aspects of palmistry such as:

Life Interpretation
Advanced Hand Identification

Palm Reading: Evaluation of Four Lines

Palm Reading, also known as Chiromancy or Palmistry is a complicated, but very wonderful task. The objective of palmistry is to evaluate the life history of someone. You can judge the character or future of the person whose palm you are reading. Here are the best and great tips for evaluating the palm of any person.

Selection of Hand
First step should be the selection of the right kind of hand. If you want to read the palm of any female, you should choose the right hand to evaluate the fate and the left hand to evaluate what she has accumulated in her entire life. If you want to read the palm of a male, you should do the other way.

Major Lines Identification
There are four major lines you have to identify in the first step of palm reading. The head line, heart line, life line and the fate line. You will see the fate line in only a few hands.Heart Line - the line goes straight from the index finger to the pinkie finger. This line is very helpful for indicating the cardiac health, emotional attachment with someone, and romance stability in your life. If the heart line starts below the forefinger, it shows the contentment with love life. If you see the line starting below your middle finger, it shows the selfishness from your side in love. If the line is short and straight, you have less interest in love. The long line shows your expressiveness in love.Head Line - It occurs exact below the heart line and shows the thirst for learning and your intellectualism. If the line is short, it will show your preference of physical achievements over brain. The curved head line shows your ability of creativity. During palm reading, if you see the head line separated from the line of life, it will show enthusiasm and your adventurous nature. If you see the cross or threads in head line, it shows the emotional disturbance and the broken line shows inconsistency in the thoughts.Life Line - The life line starts near the thumb and moves on in the form of an arc to the wrist. You can judge the physical health, major changes in your life and physical injuries and other events occurring in the life by examining this line. If the line is deep and long, it shows vitality and a curvy life line shows a lot of energy. If it is very close to your thumb without making a deep curve, it shows your tiredness. If the life line in your hand is forming a semicircle, it will show you have a plenty of enthusiasm and strength. If you have more than one life lines, you possess excessive vitality. The circles in the life line show your injuries and the hospitalization period and if it breaks somewhere, it shows you suddenly change your lifestyle.Fate Line - It is also known as the destiny line. It divides the palm into two parts. It can be seen if your fingers are upward and the palm is downward. It is not present in all of the hands. If the line is deep, it will show the strong role of destiny in your life. In some hands the line of destiny joins the life line from the start; it shows that the person is self-made. If it joins in the middle of the life line at your hand, it shows you sacrifice your interests and desires for others.

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